Company for Audit and Consultancy celebrated its 12th birthday. Photos
Company for audit and consultancy held its  annual meeting with clients to discuss professional issues relating to the 2010 financial year. Ms. Maria Nikolova, Senior Auditor in the company presented a lecture entitled "Changes in IFRS - 2010/2011, followed by discussion  about various aspects of the practical implementation of the changes in our clients' individual practice. Photos
After an excellent performance and successfully passed exams in 20009, Petia Nikolaeva is now a certified public accountant. On behalf of the entire team, our colleague Maria Nikolova, Senior Auditor in Company for Auditing and Consultancy Ltd., congratulated her with flowers and wishes for good health and professional success. Photos
Congratulations Petia!
The company held its internal training in Varna.  The training sessions focused on changes in the international financial reporting standards and international accounting standards. Photos

Company for Audit and Consultancy Ltd. specially organized for its customers and partners training - seminar in Tunisia on "The latest questions of enterprise financial management and accounting. Highlights of the tax legislation in 2008."


Petia Nikolaeva, a senior oditor at Company for Audit and Consultancy Ltd. Varna, has published her  first article. (full text: „Sedmichen Zakonnik”, issue 48/2007) Her professional comment on the accounting processes and reporting of business operations associated with processing of metals, caused a considerable interest among our customers and readers of the newspaper.We are proud that Petia is part of our team and wish her further creative success.


The team celebrates Stefka Ilieva's 50th birthday. Photos


SUCCESSFUL CONCLUSION OF THE SEASON: after another successful season, the team of the company for Audit and Consultancy visited Velingrad to mark its traditional end-of-season party. We spent three unforgettable days in the beautiful Pirin Mountain. Our stay in the relaxing spa complex, walks in the area of Kleptuza,  and evenings filled with  joy and dancing loaded us with new energy for work, led by our motto "Your success is our target." Photos


New tax laws: In connection with the acceptance of Bulgaria to the European Union on January 1, 2007 , Bulgaria has adopted new tax laws governing the regulation of levying value added tax and corporate income tax. At the end of November, "Company for Audit and Consultancy Ltd. plans to organize a special for its customers and partners two-day seminar on" tax and accounting legislation - 2007. Training in tax law will be provided by experts and representatives of the National Revenue Agency.


Akta Prim Ltd. has been established. Akta Prim Ltd. is a subsidiary of “Company for Audit and Consultancy” Ltd. and specializes in accounting services and drafting of financial statements. Continuously increasing interest and willingness of owners and investors to be served by us, brings us satisfaction and challenges our professional ambitions.